Tacky Glue - a very strong adhesive, it can be used both on porous (paper, cardstock, wood, fabric) and non-porous surfaces (plastic, acetate). This is the glue I use the most! Generally, I use it to glue small surfaces, but it can be used to glue larger surfaces as well.
Glue Rollers - strong, dry adhesive that can be used both on porous (paper, cardstock, wood, fabric) and non-porous surfaces (plastic, acetate, metal). They don't require drying time, and I mostly use them to glue big, flat surfaces as they're very quick and easy to use.
E6000 - a really strong adhesive, perfect for gluing mixed surfaces, like paper to metal, plastic to wood, etc. I mostly use it to glue hinges, magnets and other heavy non-porous materials.
Double Sided Tape - a very strong, mess-free adhesive. It can be used on pretty much every material, and comes in a lot of different widths (most common are: 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 19mm). I find the smallest sizes to be especially useful. These are some of my faves: 8-10-12mm (bundle) - extra strong (9mm).
Adhesive Putty - I use it every single day! It's a stretchy, sticky and reusable putty that can be used to temporarily glue pretty much any material. I use it to hold still things while I'm painting them, and to temporarely fix my minis in dioramas so they won't fall down.
Super Glue - well, this is a staple for craft projects! I mostly use it to glue non-porous surfaces to one another (i.e.: plastic to metal). My favourite is this one with a brush applicator!


Acrylic Gesso - I use this for 99% of my miniatures. It has a consistency similar to acrylic paints, but a richer texture that's perfect to smooth out uneven surfaces and to mimic various textures such as woodgrain and plaster. My favourite brand is Liquitex - it's a bit expensive but a bottle tipically lasts me AT LEAST one year, so it's definitely worth its price!
Acrylic Paints - Again, these are a staple for me. They can be used to color pretty much everything, from paper to polymer clay to metal and plastic. My favourite brand is DecoArt - their colors are very smooth and easy to apply and they're not too expensive!
Clear Nail Polish - I realize this is not technically a craft supply, but I find that it's the best choice if you want to achieve a glossy, laquered finish on your miniatures. Only caveat - I don't recommend using it on polymer clay as it sometimes has a weird chemical reaction that makes the clay forever sticky. My personal favourite is this one by Sally Hansen because it's cheap and SUPER glossy.


Fine line Permanent Markers - these are amazing to add small details to our miniatures. They can write on virtually every type of surface and they don't fade. I don't have a favourite brand, but I mostly use the ones by Staedtler.
White Gel Pens - these are also excellent for adding small details to our miniatures. They can write on most kinds of surface and they're perfect for writing on dark backgrounds. My favourite brand is Uniball!
Alcohol Markers - these markers are available in SO many hues, including very "natural" looking palettes. Their ink seeps through the paper, coloring it on both sides! I use them a lot to make leaves and petals for miniature flowers.


Polymer Clay - needs no introductions! I mostly use this to make miniature food, like my miniature bread recipe. My favourite brands are Fimo and Cernit.
Beads - these are incredibly useful to add little accents to your miniatures! I use them to create handles for drawers, and anytime I need to create a very small detail like a screw, or a little lever, a small knob, even wheels for trolleys and carts!
Eyepins - they're very flexible and easy to shape and cut. I use them to create pivot mechanism and hinges (for working doors), and to add metallic accents to my miniatures.
Micro Glass Beads - I originally bought them to mimic the look of sugar on miniature food, but then I realized they're awesome for making miniature flowers and berries and to add a grainy, sandy texture to acrilyc paints.


Copy paper - I don't have a favourite brand, but I mostly use the matte white 80gsm type.
Photo paper - glossy photo paper is perfect to mimic the look of plastic and laquered metal on your miniatures! I don't have a favourite brand, but I love the type with an adhesive backing.
Lightweight Cardstock - I generally use Fabriano, either the 180 or the 220gsm grain.
Metallic Cardstock - works like paper and looks like metal! I use this every time I have to add a metallic surface to on of my minis.
Matboard - this is excellent for miniature furniture! It's typically 2mm thick, fairly easy to cut with a pen knife, and sturdier than regular cardstock.


Balsa wood - this is a little more expensive than paper and cardstock, but it's incredibly easy to cut and very light. I sometimes use it to make miniature furniture.
Craft Sticks - they are incredibly useful! I sometimes use them as they are, to build miniature table tops, shelves, chairs and so many other objects. They can also be used to strengthen cardstock-based structures.
Wood Sticks - I use these for so many things! They can be used as they are to make miniature table legs, fences, shelves etc, or to build inner structures for furniture or dollhouse walls.
Plywood - this is great for building "strong" structures for furniture and dollhouses.
MDF - sturdier than matboard and cardstock but easier to cut than plywood. This is ideal if you need a strong support material but you don't have access to a saw or a rotary tool.


Art Knife - this is a really really useful tool you should absolutely have to make miniatures. It's super sharp and allows you to make precise cuts on a variety of materials like paper, cardstock, matboard, balsa wood and MDF.
Rotary Tool - works similarily to a drill, and it allows to cut, saw, deboss, engrave, drill, buff and sand a variety of materials like wood, leather, metal and plastic. I mostly use it with wood as it makes cutting and drilling it s much faster and easier! I made a quick review of the one I'm currently using and you can find it here!
Craft Tweezers - I love this type with small, curved tips. Incredibly useful for handling the small parts of our miniatures!
Cutting Mats - not only it protects your work table, they usually have a printed grid that is incredibly helpful when you need to cut straight lines.
Embossing tools - the finest ones ere excellent for scoring, the bigger ones can be use as "dotting tools" to paint perfect circles.
Wire cutter - perfect for easily cutting metal (metal wire, eyepins, paper clips) and some types of wood (skewers, craft sticks, wood sticks).


Canon Selphy - a photo printer that prints incredibly high quality pictures on glossy photo paper. I currently own the CP1500, however one of the really cool things about this printer is that its cartridges are compatible with all Selphy models, even the oldest ones!
HP LaserJet MFP M183FW - a laser printer + scanner + photocopy machine. This one's a little expensive but it prints quite high-quality images and I find the scanner/photocopier function to be extremely useful.


Cricut - there are three main different models you can choose from: the Joy, the Explore and the Maker. The Maker3 is VERY expensive but it's also probably the best cutting machine on the market.
Silhouette - A good alternative to Cricut, I personally like their software better than the Cricut's one. The Portrait is the smaller model and the Cameo is the biggest.
Brother - I haven't had the chance to try this (yet) but it's another alternative to Cricut and Silhouette machines.
Cutting Mats - I recommend using the "Light Grip" mats for paper, lightweight cardstock and acetate. You can get away with using the light grip mat with heavier cardstock (like the kind from food packaging), although I find that I get better results when using it with a "Standard Grip" mat. The "Strong Grip" mat is only for truly "heavy" materials like wood or leather.

I really hope this list is useful! I'll keep updating it as I think of other tools I use / discover new cool stuff. If you have any question, don't be shy and ask away! :)

I may earn a small commission if you buy something from these links, at no extra cost for you! I only recommend what I use and love, and I'm not sponsored by any brands.